Monday, June 19, 2017

one month in and i'm overwhelmed (in a good way)

Tomorrow will be our 4th week in Angel Fire. We are still trying to find a routine and settling in but it definitely feels right. It feels like home.

If God told me today that I could move back to Columbus if I wanted to I would say no. I'd ask Him to send my family HERE (ha!) but I would say no to leaving. Here's why:

Life here is much slower. Could be because there's not really anywhere to go (haha) but it is such a gift to our family. We aren't in a hurry.

People here are kind. They aren't in a hurry either so they take the time to say hello and introduce themselves.

The mountains are GORGEOUS.

The lake near is house is beautiful and such a peaceful place to run in the morning. Deer and Elk all around. (Bears too apparently. Thankfully I haven't seen one.)

the crime rate is like 0.

I love watching mountain bikers ride down the mountain. I can't get over the fact that they do that.

I posted randomly on the Angel Fire "better than the post office" site that I was looking for a running buddy (because, there are BEARS.) And ended up with two running friends and a hiking friend. Try that in Columbus...

Gabe has made PRECIOUS friends that I believe will be life-long.

God is definitely working in this village and we are honored to be a small part of His work.

We met with the church that meets in the same strip mall that we are meeting in and they asked how they could help us! They weren't the least bit grumpy that we were coming to start a church.

The people here are not pretentious. I'm not saying everyone in Columbus is (by no means!) but seriously, NO ONE here is. That is so refreshing to my low-maintenance self.

we have a Friday night concert series like Columbus! except you may need a blanket. they have music, face painting for kids, etc. so fun.

we have market days too!

people are always outside (during the summer) riding bikes, hiking, picnicking, playing golf and tennis. i LOVE it.

i played golf last week and LOVED it!

Funny things about life here:

in Columbus our Internet speed was 60 mbps. Here it's 1mbps.

the closest big grocery store (we have one small one) is a 40 ish minute drive away

a lot of restaurants/coffee shops are closed by 4pm at the latest.

family dollar is our wal-mart.

everything is within 2.5 miles of our house

very few people have A/C (including us)

kids only go to school tuesday - friday

G will have 9 kids in his kindergarten class

Gs school has horses and a green house type area.

the sun rises before 5:30am. that's just wrong. and in the winter it's dark by 5pm. I will be wearing PJs by 5pm like no body's business

there are prairie dogs EVERYWHERE

RVs are everywhere too.

I love this village. I love the charm. I love the people. I know there will be tough days (just like any place) but I can't help but love Angel Fire.

We've made really precious friends that we adore. Fran has taken me under her wing and helped me feel right at home. Of course Lisa has too. And Kimberly. And Margie. And Fe. And Margarita. And Mary Ann. And Mary. Gosh, I could name so many...

Jay has also made great friends. He makes friends so easily. He's so lovable. (Ben, James, Trinity, David & Eddie to name a few.)

I am beyond excited to see what God is going to do here. He has given us a vision. Isaiah 61 is our hope, our goal and what we believe He desires.

We are going to start inviting people into our home to meet on Saturday nights in July. Please pray that this time will be sweet, real and purposeful. We want to gather what we feel like will be our core group and our leadership to help make decisions about our church.

We hope to meet together for worship, prayer, teaching (and of course food) and begin stating our vision and mission statement. We pray that this group will grow together and commit to helping the Village church flourish. Of course God will ultimately do that but we understand our job and the need to have godly people working alongside us.

We are excited, terrified and fired up for this opportunity.  We covet your prayers!!!!!

We're working on our website and online giving so stay tuned!  Go like our FB page if you haven't already. @villagechurchnm

We hope to start doing outreach in the community soon as well. We're planning to make gift bags for resort employees (with water, chapstick, sunscreen, etc.)

We may even put matchbooks in the bars/restaurants with our logo.

Feel free to send outreach ideas our way. We want to love this village to Jesus.

Thanks for loving us and caring about this journey.

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